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Whats's Going on at Aston Service London?

Posted in Insights 3 years ago


Service Chat with Peter - What’s Going on at Aston Service London

When dropping their cars with us, it is common practice for customers to have a look at the other vehicles in the workshop and get a sense of what is going on at Aston Service London. Continuing with this theme, I thought I would give a quick snapshot of some of the cars and jobs that we currently have with us. If you would like some more detailed information on any of the jobs described, then please do get in touch.


This car came in for an intermittent stalling problem which ended up with repairs being carried out to the PCB board. The feedback regarding the cause of failure was quite interesting and something to keep in mind for owners of similar vehicles.

DB7 I6

A leak from the heater matrix caused all sorts of electrical problems due to water ingress in to harness connectors, it also caused a major short in the airbag module, which is a £600 part.

We were able to restore connector function using Wurth contact cleanser and Stabilant 22, a product mostly used in the IT industry. Using our industry contacts a known good 2nd hand module was sourced. The result; a fully functioning vehicle and a very relieved customer.


No A/C cooling at cabin vents. I’ve carried out an initial diagnosis on the vehicle. Gas pressures are good and we can see module command for A/C on the scope in manual and auto climate mode. We suspect that there is a problem with coolant supply to the heater matrix. 

DB7 I6

Faults with both blower motors. These units are exchanged priced from Aston Martin and are extremely expensive. We can supply a real-world cost solution to take care of the problem. Think £600 as opposed to £3k. 


A car that’s recently exhibited an accelerated loss of engine oil via the crankcase breathing system. We suspect that the sealing of the piston rings may be at fault and will be carrying out a series of tests to see if this is the case. The outcome and the methods of testing may well be of interest to anyone with this type of problem.


Intermittent loss of gear engagement. At this moment the car quite stubbornly refuses to default. Service history is known to us and scoping of the pump and graphing of pressure drop of versus pump relay command show a healthy system. The answer lies in knowing which scan tool parameters to record and assess during road testing.