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Using an enhanced version of the factory service schedule we will take care of your Vanquish and ensure it is maintained to protect and enhance its value.

After a full road test your car will come into the workshop for diagnostic and geometry testing. A comprehensive service will be conducted with all oils and fluids replaced as determined by vehicle age, mileage and your useage plan. PCV valves, drive belts and filters are also replaced as required. We also ensure that the vehicle charging syste, starter circuit and battery health are good as it is not unusual to find vehicles with substantial electrical system drains and voltage drops that can compromise the starter circuit.

A Hunter Hawkeye Wheel Aligner enables us to have your car weighted to the specific ride height and then set up on the aligner to check steering angles.

We will never carry out additional work without discussing and agreeing with you in advance ensuring you are in control of expenditure at all times.

Call us today for more information and pricing T: +44 (0) 207 727 1944

Additional Recommendation & Services

  • Stainless Steel Caliper Bleed Screws
  • Transmission and Cooler Fluid change
  • ASM Flushing
  • Accumulator Sphere replacement
  • Solid State ASM pump driver module
  • Anti Corrosion treament
  • Air Conditioning service and diagnostics
  • Front Subframes refurbished

Other Services

  • We are the London agent for Zirotech coatings, Larini and BTB Exhausts
  • Collection of serviced vehicles up to 9pm
  • Mobile technician available
  • Tyre supply and fitting
  • Brake pad choices from Brembo Performance and AP Racing


Submit your detail below to arrange your service. We will contact you to confirm your exact preferred dates are available or if we need to rearrange.