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Guide to Winter Storage

Posted in Insights 5 years ago


As one of the hottest Summers on record draws to an eventual end, the temperatures are dropping to single figures and many heritage and modern Aston Martins will be heading for Winter Storage. As much as we would all like to use our pride and joys over the cold months, it is more likely that cars will be left stationary for a number of weeks. However, there is more to Winter Storage than simply parking up and leaving your car, with the following being our top tips:

  • Store your vehicle in a dry and ideally heated and dehumidified environmentAston Service London can provide a range of storage options in a variety of locations.
  • Ensure your vehicle is connected to an intelligent battery conditioner as the cold temperatures and prolonged periods of no use can cause batteries to fail – Aston Service London stock the finest battery conditioners for cars of all ages.
  • Fit your car with an Indoor car coverAston Service London stock and can provide tailored and the highest quality car covers.
  • Before putting your car in storage, ensure that it is filled with fuel to prevent any air pockets in the fuel tank or fuel lines.
  • Once the car is placed in storage, over-inflate the tyres to circa 60 psi to ensure that flat spots don’t develop where the tyres are resting.
  • It is extremely important that even while the car is in storage that it is run to temperature ideally every 2 weeks and if your vehicle has air conditioning, this is run at the same time.
  • Ensure that your vehicle is filled with good strength coolant to protect it through the colder temperatures – Aston Service London can arrange this for your car.
  • One further precautionary measure is the placement of moth balls in the interior of your car in case of potential rodent damage.
  • Finally, when the time comes to get your Aston Martin back on the road, it is essential that it undergoes a complete check-over before it goes back to regular usage, no matter what the age! Aston Service London can carry out these post storage check-overs to ensure that the car is running to its full potential and more importantly running safely!

Please call or email us if there are any parts of preparing your car for Winter Storage that we can assist with or advise on. The correct practices and preparation are imperative to ensure that your Aston Martin is running beautifully when the frost eases and more friendly driving conditions return.