Guide to New Mobile Phone Laws

Posted in Updates 3 years ago


As of the 1st March 2017, there has been the introduction of new laws regarding mobile phone usage whilst at the wheel of a car. Penalties for using mobile phones in the car have doubled, meaning you are now hit with 6 points and £200 fine, with new drivers facing losing their license altogether and having to re-take their test.

Please see below for a brief overview of what you can and cannot do with your mobile phone when at the wheel:

• Hold the phone to make calls at all whilst driving, stopped in traffic or traffic lights or even stopped on the road side with the engine running
• Accept or decline calls on the handset or send messages
• Set up a route on a phone-based sat nav whilst the engine is running
• Have a conversation on the speaker phone of your phone handset
• Use headphones whilst driving at the wheel
• Scroll through music tracks on your handset or change a song when playing music

You CAN:
• Listen to music or podcasts via the speaker of your handset or hands-free device but set them up before you put the keys in the ignition
• Use your phone-based sat nav if the route is set up before you start your vehicle and you do not physically touch your handset
• Accept or decline new route on phone-based sat nav whilst driving, being the only time you can actually touch your device with the ignition running
• Call the emergency services whilst driving only if it is unsafe or impractical to stop
• Accept and take calls via hands-free device

With the new laws and regulations, it is now more important than ever to ensure you have a full Bluetooth and hands-free device fitted to your vehicle. We offer the some of the very best systems for your modern and classic Aston Martin that allow for not only the clearest of phone conversations but also the least intrusive devices to the ergonomics of your interior.

Please enquire for more details and pricing.