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Aston Martin Vanquish Subframe Refurbishment

Posted in Insights 5 years ago


Aston Service London can now completely refurbish that all important and vulnerable subframe on your Newport Pagnell Aston Martin Vanquish. Prone to suffering from serious corrosion leading to potentially catastrophic outcomes, the cost of a replacement subframe can be as much as £6,000 for the parts alone. However, we can now carry out a full refurbishment of the subframe for a significantly reduced cost. Although prices may vary due to the severity of any corrosion, we recently had an early Vanquish with a severely corroded subframe that we completed the refurbishment for just £1,500.

Further, as part of our servicing procedures on NP Vanquish, we recommend making modifications to the vehicle undertrays which will prevent the subframe bottom structure from having areas of water sandwiched against it. These changes act as a preventative measure to try and ensure that any corrosion on the subframe is kept to a minimum.

Please contact for any further information on Vanquish subframes or more general servicing enquiries.

Further details on the subframe refurbishment process:

  • We have had the panels to the underside of the subframe template and laser cut.
  • Subframe is media blasted and undercoated in red oxide, before being refinished in black two pack epoxy, ensuring against future corrosion issues.
  • As you would expect all subframe mounting bolts are renewed.
  • After a quick installation road test, the car is weighted to mid laden height and the geometry is set to specification on our in-house Hunter Hawkeye Laser Aligner.


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